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Women Driving Women wants your used car...

We will exchange years and years of transportation for your used car.  And you will receive a personal driver and free membership for the entire time of the credit.  We will trade your well running and well kept car for it's current Blue Book Value plus 25% in transportation services.  Women Driving Women will guarantee the credit, even if we have to replace your personal driver with a new personal driver.

To find out more information, please use the contact us form to contact us and please tell us the car, make, model, and value.

A personal driver, not a stranger.




Our Services

Transportation rates:

The first 10 miles are $1.50 a mile with a minimum $5 each way. Miles 11 to 30 are $1.25  per mile.  And all miles over 30 miles are only $1.00 per mile.

Drivers can assist with medical appointments and run errands. Assistance and errand fees are $5 per 15 minutes.

Interested in driving ?



Women Driving Women offers safe and affordable rides for all members. Everyone (drivers and members) must pass a criminal background check. Each member is assigned a driver. A driver who can be reached by a old fashion phone. Apply today at 866-843-0983.


Members call their personal driver and schedule transportation, errands, and assistances needed.  Driver calls rider one day before scheduled transportation. And again before leaving to pick up member.  Rider pays at the end of the ride with cash, credit, and gift card at the end of the ride.

​Drivers can also assist members with medical appointments.  Your personal driver can assist  medical appointments  take doctor notes and ask questions for the family.

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Women Driving Women is looking for drivers who can build and service their own zip code. Drivers must pass a background check and have a good driving record.

All drivers must train for 20 hours before allowed to drive to learn our app-less service.

Women Driving Women caters to seniors and to kids.  90%  driving is between 7am to 6 pm.  We don't have a lot of nights and weekend needs, right now.

Currently we are looking for wonderful drivers in San Diego and Sonoma County.

Car requirements are the car must be running well and clean.  Car does not need to be new.

To begin the process of becoming a driver, first apply for membership by calling 866-843-0983

After your background checks out, then they will be assigned a personal driver. No! Wait, you want to drive not ride.  Your personal driver will be your backup driver.

On you first day of training, please bring your driving report from the DMV..

Training is 20 hours to teach how drivers fill out daily and weekly logs. How to calculate the fees for both transportation and assistance fees.

If you are a male, you would driver under the Mem Driving Men Department.  Apply in the same way as the above. Start by becoming a member.

Why split up the men and women?  We assist with medical appointments, and same sex is a better fit for the member you are assisting.

​Women Driving Women donates 10% of profits to Dear Ole' Dad's Safe Haven Monastery Inc. which helps abused women, children, and animals.

​Want to help your favorite charity, drive for us and we will pay your favorite charity instead of you.