Women Driving Women offers safe and affordable rides for all it's members. Everyone must pass a criminal background report. All members are assigned their own personal driver. A driver they can reach by calling on the home line. Apply today 866-843-0983

Transportation rates:

The first 5 miles are $1.50 a mile with a min. of $5 each way

Miles 6 to 20 are $1.25  per mile and only a dollar a mile over 20 miles.

Drivers can assist with medical appointments and errands. ssistance and errand fees are $5 per 15 minutes.



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Members  call their personal driver and schedule transportation, errands, and assistances needed.  Driver calls rider one day before scheduled transportation. And again before leaving to pick up member.  Rider pays at the end of the ride with cash, credit, and gift card at the end of the ride.