Renee belinda cooper, M.B.A., President


Richard is an 84-year-old practicing trial court attorney with over 50 years of experience in California. He has been helping his youngest child Renee start Women Driving Women, Inc. This is the second business that Richard and Renee have created. Their other business is a non-profit located in San Diego County to help abused women, children and animals.


Janice Sexton, M.B.A., Vice President

Women Driving Women, Inc., is the 4th business Renee has created since earning her M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.  For over a decade, Renee ran Master Marketing, and wrote, directed and placed television commercials on air.  Her next venture is a pet care business called Nanny 2 Pets Nanny2Pets.com .  In 2010, Renee was told she has a rare and very deadly breast cancer, and she took a few years off to beat it.  After beating cancer, Renee and her Dear Ole Dad began a non-profit in San Diego County to help abused women, children and animals. SafeHavenMonastery.org

Richard L. Cooper, Dear Ole' Dad

Richard l. Cooper


Richard Cooper has been a trial court attorney for over 50 years in California.  He is helping his youngest child, Renee start Women Driving Women Inc.

This is the second business Richard and his daughter created a non-profit to help abused women, children, and animals.


Renee B. Cooper, M.B.A.



Renee Belinda Cooper,  M.B.A.


WOMEN DRIVING WOMEN INC is Renee's fourth business she has created and managed. Renee is as professional overnight pet sitter, under the business name of Nanny 4 Pets. And many of the wonderful drivers are also pet sitters with Nanny 4 Pets.

Renee obtained her M.B.A. from the University of Chicago and has created her own businesses ever after. 



As Vice President, Janice is responsible for the administrative functions of Women Driving Women, and for recruiting and training drivers in Sonoma County. She has over 30 years of professional and management experience in San Diego, Silicon Valley and Sonoma County. Janice is also the founder and owner of her own business since 2007, Sexton Laser Therapy, for smoking cessation, weight loss and pain management. 



Our Story

Women Driving Women Inc. started with a simple truth. Women are safer with other women, not Joe Blow off the streets. Women needed a safer transportation option than Uber, Lyft, and taxi cabs where the drivers are strangers and mainly male. 

Women Driving Women Inc. came from  idea while Renee Cooper was driving for Uber and Lyft. Renee realized she felt and was safer when she was picking up females. And women riders frequently stating that she felt better seeing that a female was picking her up. Women on both sides made women on both sides to be safer. Bingo, that is the connection that works.

​How do we do it legally? Dad!